Pro Art: My professional cartooning and comic book art, that is.

    If you've visited the Computer Art and Fanzine Art sections, you know that there's a thumbnail gallery after this spiel. Meanwhile....

    In 1961 I sold my first cartoon to Paul Krassner's THE REALIST (five bucks, three free copies, and the cartoon eventually wound up displayed in Hugh Heffner's office).

     Subsequent sporadic efforts included drawing two Tijuana Bibles ("The Kind That Men Like"). It was an opportunity to draw Little Orphan Annie and Buck Rogers; I thought they'd become Cultural Artifacts.  They didn't, but the gig did lead to a meaningless romance. Then there was a Warren magazine story best left forgotten, and an early strip for EVO's Gothic Blimp Works. This last job was a step in the right direction, but, whoops!, I got drafted. My military career as an illustrator was followed by too much advertising work as a civilian.

  1975: I finally began freelancing full time; humorous material, action-adventure, some work in the super hero genre, The Baltimore Sun, a childrens' book outfit, and lotsof inking other peoples' work.  Inasmuch as my first love in comics had been E.C. and that some of my favorite artists at that legendary company had excelled at both humorous and serious material, I made attempts of my own in both those areas and tended to alternate between the underground and straight comics (which, come to think of it, was kind of like my regular life).

    Curiously, I soon discovered that the bigger the comics company, the slower the pay, although rates were higher. Smaller companies tended to get the check in the mail much sooner, and I often had more freedom at the drawing board. I especially appreciated working for Denis Kitchen's excellent Kitchen Sink Enterprizes, and wish I'd done more there. Denis suggests that he "Always had a soft spot for starving cartoonists, having started as one." (For a look at Denis' own efforts, click here.).

    In 1995, "Black October," the comics field imploded, taking my career with it. It was fun while it lasted, and I hope you enjoy the following gallery....

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